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10 Things to Ensure You Have In Your Welcome Wedding Bags

Whether you have a destination wedding or one in your current residence, the chances are that you have some of your loved ones traveling long distances to attend your big day. It would be a thoughtful gesture to provide them with unique and special welcome wedding gift bags containing all the essential items they need for the wedding.

You can leave these bags at the hotel front desk for the guests to pick up or distribute them at your first gathering together before the wedding, such as at the rehearsal dinner. Either way, these wedding bags can go a long way in making your guests feel special.

This guide will discuss the must-have items for your wedding gift bags to ensure that your guests love them!

  • Custom Bags

The first thing you will need for your welcome wedding gift bag is a wedding gift bag!

You can choose from a range of options, but perhaps the best is a custom bag. It is handy and unique. You can make it even more exclusive if you customize it with your names, a wedding-related pun, or even your guests’ names to make them feel extra special. 

My Wedding Reception Ideas offers multiple welcome bags that you can choose from and customize however you like.  

  • Refreshments 

Every wedding gift bag should consist of refreshments, including a water bottle, juice, or even a tiny bottle of champagne-whatever fits your budget. You can also go the extra mile and have custom labels printed for the bottles. My Wedding Reception Ideas offers you the chance to personalize it with your preferred monogram, design, names, etc.

  • Snacks

No wedding gift bag is complete without the addition of snacks; these are essential. Give your guests delicious treats they can munch on and enjoy during your wedding. If you plan to add refreshments, you must accompany them with snacks.

Keep it simple by adding a bag of sweet and simple treats each. Go one step further and have the bags customized with the wedding hashtag, your names, or a quirky pun to go with the snacks. For more ideas, visit  My Wedding Reception Ideas.

  • Wedding Itinerary and Info 

An essential item for a wedding bag to give your guests is a pamphlet containing the list of wedding-related events and their timing and location. If you have a destination wedding, adding a map that guides the guests to each location would be useful.

Your guests must know everything regarding the wedding festivities, so add as much information as possible. You can include information about the dress code and parking as well. 

  • Pamper Items

Make your guests feel extra special by adding practical gifts like sanitizers, scented candles, wedding napkins, bath salts, etc. Thoughtful touches like these will help your guests feel pampered and at home. 

  • Hydration Kit

After all the partying, dancing, and celebrating at the wedding, some of your guests will end up with a hangover the next day. You should include a recovery kit with pain relievers, eye drops, mouthwash, electrolyte drink mix, etc.

  • Local Souvenir 

If you have a destination wedding or guests coming from different places, we highly recommend including a local souvenir that your guests can take home with them. Consider adding a sticker, postcard, or magnet of the city your wedding is taking place. This will serve as a memorable token that your guests can cherish forever.

  • Useful Items

The chances are that your guests have forgotten to bring a few handy essentials, so adding them to the welcome bag would be much appreciated. These can include a lint roller, lip balm, or paper guest towels.

  • Bottle Openers

Custom wedding bottle openers for wine, champagne, and beer are too cute and unique to not add to your wedding bags. These will be handy for your guests during the wedding festivities and even after. Check out My Wedding Reception Ideas to learn about how you can personalize these wedding openers. 

  • Handwritten Thank You Card 

Lastly, finish your wedding bag with a thoughtful handwritten card welcoming and thanking your guests for being part of your big day. You could also include a few sentences about how excited you are to celebrate with them. This might sound like a tedious task, but it will go a long way in making your guests feel appreciated, loved, and special.

Final Words

Personalized wedding bags are the best way to make your guests feel special and appreciated. Hence, follow these tips to ensure that your guests love every bit of their wedding guest bag!

Check out My Wedding Reception Ideas to learn how you can go the extra mile and make even the smallest and mundane additions to your guest bag an absolute treasure by customizing it however you like.


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